Target Shopping Tips

Target Shopping TipsSome say I am a Target guru… I wouldn’t go that far, but I sure do love me some Target!! Here are my top 5 Target shopping tips and the reasons why I love Target.

1. Clearance, enough said. But seriously I have purchased SO many incredible deals from their clearance section. They also can have great deals on “repackaged” items as well. Which just means someone opened it, decided they didn’t like it and returned it. Most recently I got this rock and play for our baby on the way…


Retails for 51.99, got it for just under $12! Why? It was brand new, still in plastic, cardboard covered. Someone had opened it, didn’t take it out of the box, and returned it. I got a discount (a killer one at that) for it being “repackaged.”

Also, I got this Duvet cover and these sheets from my favorite line at Target, Simply Shabby Chic.



As we were preparing the nursery for the new baby, we decided Laila needed some updating for her new “big girl” bed. What is nice about scouring the end of the isles (and sometimes down the isles) is that I got both of these for less than listed online (the sheets aren’t even on clearance online!) and both of them combined for about $60. I was pretty happy with my bad self.

2. Target Red Card. If you shop at Target like I do, you NEED this. Quite possibly the best of the Target shopping tips. I am not talking the credit card…unless that’s your thing, we don’t have credit cards. It is just an additional way to save 5% on every purchase. No gimmicks, just 5% extra savings.

3. Cartwheel App. If you have a smartphone, you need to download it, yesterday… but seriously. The Cartwheel app is for things you have to buy from Target that never, or rarely, go on sale. This is a great way to save 5% to 40% off different items throughout the store. Everyone needs toothpaste and 5% savings, is 5% savings. It’s the little things that add up.

4. Children’s Clothing. As much as I would love to shop Nordstrom, Zara, and Gap every day for my kiddos I just can’t afford it. And with Target I can buy super cute kid clothing that’s easy on the budget. Check out their clearance (I like to buy at the end of the season for the following year, stock pile and save!). Also, their cartwheel app often has additional discounts for kid’s clothing.

5. Women’s Clothing. If you’re like me, as a mom you often forget to shop for yourself. When I see something cute I would rather buy for my children first, I mean everything is cuter when it is a tiny person’s version. But, we can’t forget Mom. Yes, we are important and I think it is important for us to feel good and look good. Target clothing is another great way to attempt to keep in style, and not break the bank. Check the clearance section and check the cartwheel app as they mark things down often.

These are my top 5  reasons why I love Target, but honestly, my list could go on. What are your Target shopping tips?

Happy Target shopping,


**This post is not sponsored by Target, or anyone else. This is just personal experience, and personal tips.
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