Some of our favorite items at Target

As some of you know, I/we have a DEEP love for Target. Seriously, as one friend has put it “it’s my love language.”

Target Shopping Tips

  I often tell my husband shopping at Target is therapy (although I am fairly certain it isn’t any cheaper :) ) Not only that but it’s fun to add new pieces of furniture and decor to all our “DIY” pieces and Target is also a great place to get DIY inspiration. So, in honor of our $100 Target gift card Giveaway, I am sharing a few of my favorite finds you could spend your winnings on.These chairs are a thing of beauty. I recently bought them to go with our dining room table we refinished and I am in love. They are comfortable and stylish. The best part, this price is for TWO chairs. I got mine in “Glacier” but had a hard time deciding between all the beautiful colors they have right now. I also got these chairs to go along with the two tufted ones. While they no longer have the color we purchased, they still have a couple gorgeous options. I love the mix of the fabric and the wood. It is the perfect blend to go with our vintage dining table.



One thing I am dying to get right now is an outdoor rug. A lot of Targets have summer items on clearance right now, so I am patiently waiting to see if the one I want goes on clearance even more. (I am more and more convinced this is like a game to me, almost like gambling. ha!) Here are a couple of my favorites.

I am sucker for Chevron.


   And the Lattice Design


When purchasing our dining room chairs, we also needed to purchase a rug. We are currently in a rental and of course there is carpet in the dining room. I have a toddler = WORST idea ever. So in order to attempt to save the carpet, our deposit, and not spend a bunch on a rug that could be ruined for all the same reasons… we purchased this rug, and what I love most about it is the price. If in a year or so when we move, and this thing is gross or a little worn around the edges viola, an outdoor rug, or it’ll meet the dumpster. Using an indoor/outdoor rug is a great inexpensive alternative to purchasing an area rug when you have small kiddos.

Looking for just some decor items to spruce things up? Here are a few of my favorites.

For a lamp, I am loving this mercury lamp base



White is always classic and timeless (not to mention easy to clean with bleach) which makes this a lovely bed spread.


And of course, we haven’t even covered clothing, children, and so many other wonderful things I’m sure we could all list as well. These are just a few items I have had my eye on or have recently purchased that I love.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here and if you want some other awesome reasons to love Target, check out this post.

Let us know what you have your eye on at Target.

*this post is not sponsored by Target, we just have a deep love for the store.


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