A Simple Trick To Get Crayon Off Of Walls

Crayon Off Walls 4

The other day we were just getting ready to leave the house to go enjoy the beautiful day as a family when I went upstairs and noticed this…

Crayon Off Walls 3

Yes, crayon on the wall. We had asked our 3 year old daughter to go up to her room and get her shoes on, and she did, but she also managed to color the wall as well. Oh, and not just this wall, 7 walls, a crib, and another piece of furniture. She decided to make our walls her art. So let’s just say our heading out the door to enjoy the weather was put on hold until we cleaned everything.

I had heard somewhere that toothpaste worked well with cleaning crayon and markers off of walls, so I thought we might as well put the method to the test… and it worked great! I have tried to use household cleaners before, but unfortunately they take the paint off as well, the toothpaste didn’t :)

Crayon Off Walls 2
All we did was wipe some toothpaste on the wall using our fingers and then used a cleaning rag to wipe the walls off. It took a little bit of scrubbing with the rag, but surprisingly it was less work than I was expecting.

Crayon Off Walls 1

Crayon Off Walls 6

Crayon Off Walls 4

Crayon Off Walls 5

So I definitely recommend this method if you have a little one who likes to decorate the walls using their crayons. It worked for us and I honestly can’t tell where she had drawn. So this is definitely a simple trick to get crayon off of walls that works.

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