Sew paper garland

Sew Paper Garland

Last week I shared with you the pink, Afternoon Tea, baby shower I recently hosted. It was so much fun putting all the decorations together but I could never have done it all without the help of a friend that was willing to give up a couple of her Friday nights to come drink wine and have sweet treats…I mean…errr, help me…and she even took projects home. She left one Friday evening with the task of creating a name garland for the sweet baby and came back the next day with this beautiful sew paper garland.

She busted out her sewing machine and connected all the pieces of the garland by sewing a ribbon across it all and then gluing the letters on top of the ribbon to give it a finished and polished effect. 

Name Banner Name Banner 2 Name Banner 3

I was able to pin up the sew paper garland in the window by the ends of the ribbon and the sheer paper backing looked stunning and really made the name pop. Also, my friend used fabric flowers to give a beautiful 3D effect. Obviously, if you don’t have a sewing machine this would be an extremely difficult diy (ahem…me) but if you do, not only is it easy but the stitching against the paper really gives it a classy look.

Step 1: Cut out all your pieces.

For the main, back circles, trace a medium sized bowl and cut them out. Next, pick a pattern for the next 2 layers and cut them out. For the smaller circles both in the center and the connecting ones, use a circle punch. You can either draw or print the letters or patterns you choose for the sew paper garland.

Step 2: Sew the ribbon in place.

Piece everything together and then sew the ribbon to the paper leaving off the 3D flowers and the letters for the name to attach at the end.

Step 3: Glue your remaining pieces in place.

Place your 3D fabric flowers (or whatever 3D effect you choose) on top of the ribbon and glue them in place. Do the same with the letter circles you kept off.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

Sew Paper Garland 2


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