Easiest way to remove ink from clothing

Remove Ink from Clothing

Ever wonder what toothpaste and hairspray have in common?

If you have children, have ever watched children, or have even been around children, you know they have an innate ability to find mischief of any kind, especially if you have your back turned. Whether it’s exploring how the world around them works, or a complete act of disobedience, the end result is the same. Kids are kids and if you have anything of value, or anything you would be upset to have destroyed…put it away for 18 years ;) And if you forget, thank you God for the Internet.

When our oldest son was 2 he decided that our computer monitor was a great place to practice his artwork…with a Sharpie. FYI TOOTHPASTE removes Sharpie if it’s on a computer monitor (and crayon if it’s on walls).

Fast forward two years to when our middle son was 2. He always got to bring something special in to nap-time to play with for a few minutes. One of us would go in after 5 minutes and take whatever it was away until after nap but usually he would just go to sleep clutching it. Until that one time…He wanted to finish writing his “shopping list” so we let him bring his pen and notepad in to nap…

It’s amazing how much ink can get everywhere in 5 minutes. We’re talking everywhere. E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.  I had remembered reading somewhere that Hairspray would remove ink from clothing so we gave it a try. It worked! And it was so easy.

Remove Ink from Clothing 2

I mean seriously, who would have thought to themselves “I wonder if toothpaste will remove sharpie from my computer screen” or, “I wonder what if hairspray would be an easy way to remove ink from clothing?”
Remove Ink from Clothing 3

For those that want to know the easiest way for how to remove ink from clothing:

1. Spray hairspray on the ink stain

2. Let sit for 1 minute

3. Blot with a rag

4. Spray with stain remover or your choice

5. Throw in the wash

6. Don’t put in dryer until the stain is out so repeat steps 1-5 if necessary

7. Dry 

To answer the original question; What do Hairspray and Toothpaste have in common? Two year olds. Honestly, I’m getting pretty nervous now that our “baby” is almost 2…what mischief is he going to get in to?

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What mischief has your children caused?

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