Refurbished Antique Table

Refurbished Table 2

We stumbled upon this table one evening on a swap page on Facebook.  The previous owner had tried to fix it up but quit shortly after starting leaving it half painted in multiple colors.  We loved the look of the table, and for the price we couldn’t help but get it and make an attempt to fix it up.

I wish we would have taken a few step by step pictures from start to finish, but unfortunately we didn’t.  Just to give you an idea of what it was like when we got it, the top of the table was roughly painted yellow, and a few of the legs were painted a light blue. In buying it we thought it could be worth the adventure of fixing it up just to see what it could look like restored.

Refurbished Table 4

To start, we stripped the paint using a paint stripper we picked up from Home Depot. This helped get a majority of the paint off, making it easier to hit with a sander. I was then able to use a orbital sander taking all the previous finish off revealing the wood. For the legs I used a sanding sponge to remove as much of the finish as I could. I like using a sanding sponge with detailed furniture like this to be able to save the detail and character as much as I can. This was fun and it was neat to see the original look of the wood. Wood has such great character in the grain, and this table was beautiful when it was all cleaned up.

Once I had the table sanded down we stained the top and painted the base and legs.  We went with a dark finish and white paint.  We love the contrast of the dark stain and the white legs.  It really gives it an elegant look.

Refurbished Table 3
For the finish we used Minwax Jacobean using a sponge brush and then put a coat of Minwax wipe on poly for a protective layer. For the paint we brushed on a Behr white semi-gloss paint.

Refurbished Table 2

Refurbished Table 1

We love how the refurbished antique table turned out. It was definitely worth the time and effort to fix it up and bring some life into it again :)  The table definitely adds a lot of character to our dining room and is a great focal point.

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