How to Raise a Short Bathroom Vanity

Right after purchasing our first house we had a moment of panic. What. Were. We. Thinking? I was due to have our first baby in 3 months, there was SO much work that needed to be done, and we were on a tight budget. If you’ve done any remodeling you know that it always takes longer and costs more than you were planning on so I was definitely freaking out. Did I mention I was about to have a baby?

Because of the tight budget, yet having an entire house to remodel we knew we were going to spend the most money in the kitchen and bathrooms since focusing on those 2 areas typically brings the biggest return in the end. But we knew that we needed to save some money somewhere so I’m going to let you in on a secret…outdated cabinets don’t always need to be replaced. You can save a fortune by simply updating them. If you raise a short bathroom vanity in turn keeping the existing cabinetry and splash on some new paint you’ve already made huge improvements.

Take our bathroom for example. Older homes typically have very short bathroom counter heights. If you’re short this isn’t an issue. However, my husband and I are tall…6’3” and 5’9” respectively. So here is what we did…

Raise the Height of your Bathroom Vanity


We added decorative feet to the bottom of the vanity. This raised the height an additional 6 inches.

We also added beadboard and trim to the walls, painted the awful peach color and gave the cabinets a new coat of paint, replaced the lights, took out the ugly shelving, put in new faucets, new toilet, re-tiled the countertop and put new tile on the floors.

We left the mirror the same, used the existing vanity, used the same sink bowls, and actually left the shower alone.

Obviously we started this blog long after we re-did this house so I don’t have any of the how-to details for this project but the following blog has a great tutorial for a similar idea in how to raise a short bathroom vanity so check it out:

Remodelaholic: How to Raise a Short Bathroom Vanity

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