Our First Home DIY — Don’t Laugh

Welcome home! Or at least, welcome to our first home DIY. Let me take you on a tour of the first house we purchased in 2006. A little back story…We were quickly outgrowing our tiny rental since I was pregnant with our first son. We wanted to get in to the housing market before we were completely priced out so we purchased this beauty 3 months before my due date. It took a LOT of imagination to see the potential of this house. A lot.

I mean, really…look at that awful kitchen. Not one positive thing to note other than the amount of space. Florescent lighting, bulkhead ceiling, wood countertops, cabinets from the 70s. Yikes. We knew that it would entail a lot of work. But, it was all we could afford. And we were young. And stupid excited.First Home DIY

The kitchen was also the dining area. With beautiful built-in corner cabinets. Okay, not beautiful at all. Truly ugly actually, and they took up too much space. First Home DIY

The kitchen had 2 entrances. Sitting in the middle was a moveable block island. First Home DIY


First Home DIY


The very first thing on my honey-do list was a mantel. I HAD to have a mantel. I mean, from where would I hang stockings? First Home DIY

First Home DIY

I think the bathroom was made for extremely short people because it barely even come up to our mid-thighs. Sitting on the toilet I felt like I was sitting on the floor…impossible for someone hugely pregnant! First Home DIY

Have I mentioned the paint yet? I think the previous owners must have been on crack because who does this to a house? First Home DIY

Like the boob light? First Home DIY

First Home DIY

Notice the floor…2 different woods join together. And the railings? Too wide for a new baby. First Home DIY

At least we could feel like we were at the beach with the awesome shell toilet cover. First Home DIY

First Home DIY

And this half wall blocked the entire view of the great windows. Not to mention the carpet. Not too sure what was growing in the carpet. First Home DIY

Maybe I should submit this to uglyhousephotos.com? Well, at the very least check out the Ugly House Photos Hall of Shame!

So, as you can see, we had our work cut out for us with our first home DIY. Stay tuned for part 2 :)

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