Operation Mouse Removal

We just returned from a fantastic 10 days in Kauai. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. What we didn’t expect when we returned home though was that a new roommate moved in while we were gone.


Eeek! We thought we discovered where he was coming in and filled it with steel wool and sealed it with liquid nails. We set a couple snap traps with some cheese. Well, all that did was feed his belly. He ate the cheese and the stupid trap didn’t go off. We then tried a couple d-con traps which I felt better since we have 3 curious little kids and this way the trap couldn’t snap on them. Well, all that did was make him taunt me. He started eating food out of our cupboards. And then I saw him. Yes, I screamed. Yes, my 5 year old told me I was a scardy cat.

Last night we found a couple more holes and filled those hoping that would help. Then this morning we woke up to bites in everything within the first 3 shelves of our pantry. Popcorn e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Lara Bars opened with one bite out of it. Bread nibbled on. And the worst part is I can still hear the damn thing. All we did was piss him off apparently.

Well 2 can play that game sucker. This is war. I’ve officially declared today Operation Mouse Removal.

Please help! What do you recommend we try? What’s worked for you? Please, please let me know! And then stay tuned for what works :) Because it will work. He will be gone. (I hope)


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5 Comments on “Operation Mouse Removal

  1. We are having a similar issue in our garage and atic…need to get ride of them before the find their way into the house! Would appreciate any help/ideas that may work! Thx!!

  2. We have 2 cats one does nothing the other will find them and bring them to me leave then drop them at my feet. Try the sticky traps and put alittle peanut butter in the middle. Put it where you have seen the most action. Good luck

    • I so wish we could have cats for this very reason. Unfortunately, our oldest son is allergic. I will definitely try the sticky traps with some peanut butter tonight. I’m determined. :) Thanks for the advice.

  3. We have one in our car that has been taunting is for two weeks now… Same issue with the snap traps. We had five there and no mouse, but droppings in the peanut butter! So frustrating and gross. Anyway, I called Terminix today for some advice… Here is what he said: use the plastic snap traps with the large trigger tray. Use a tiny but of peanut butter because you want them to work for it. Also, use unflavored dental floss! Wrap around the trigger, they like it for nesting material. And lastly, he said to leave them untriggered the first day so that they get confident. Then set them the next. We’re trying it tonight. I will let you know if it work for us!

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