Meet the ‘C’ Family

Meet the 'C' Family

Hi! As Jesse and Taylor said yesterday, we wanted to introduce ourselves and hopefully get to know our readers too.  Meet the ‘C’ Family: Ryan, Greta, Kadyn, Kai and Lukah. Our first DIY project together was a “simple” interior paint job in a cute little rental that we were painting the week of our wedding. What started as one room with one color quickly became the entire house in 5 glorious colors. That rental never looked so good! Let’s just say we became hooked. Since then we have remodeled 2 other homes together, created our 3 best DIY projects (our 3 charming, loud, wild, crazy, lovable, adorable, spirited boys), said goodbye before we got to say hello to identical twins, and recently purchased our 3rd home that we are anxious to get to work on. We take great satisfaction in seeing the potential in an ugly house and transforming it to a beautiful home that we could otherwise never afford to buy as the finished product.

Some things to note about us are that our hearts are with the ocean, we have an extreme love for coffee and a penchant for finding adventures to take the kids on, and despite Ryan being the one that does most of the big projects, you will hear the word “we” a lot from us because, as you may well know, as a couple living a DIY project, you’re in it together. So, grab a cup of coffee because we can’t wait to share our story with you…past DIY failures and successes, current home remodel projects, and everything in between. Hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you to DIY!

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