How To Make A Play Kitchen From Pallets

Pallet Play Kitchen

Our daughter loves to play in the kitchen. So for her birthday we thought what a better gift than to get her a play kitchen? When we started looking around we just didn’t really like much of what we saw and we wanted something that was quality. We came across this kitchen play set by The Farmers Nest on Pinterest and loved the look of it! The kitchen set was made out of repurposed side tables.  Knowing there are a lot of pallets out there we figured we would try to find some for free and make the play kitchen from scratch.
Top View of Play Kitchen

I had access to some free pallets and thought why not give it a try :)  I had meet the owner of a local window installation business and he was all for me coming by and picking up a few of the pallets they had laying around their shop.  This was great, as it gave me all the lumber I needed to make the kitchen (with  some leftover for another project) and it costed me nothing :)  Dissasembling these took some time, mostly because I was trying to spare as many peices as I could with out breaking any.  Once I had the pallets all apart it was time to start the project!

play kitchen pallets
Table Saw
Belt sander
Orbital sander
Screw gun
Cordless Drill
Tape Measure
Drill bits
Jig saw
Pole Clamps

Wood Glue
Small Dowell
Wood Screws
Plexi Glass
Pull Handle
4- Vintage oven knobs
Small tension rod
Cooling rack
2- Cabinet hinges
Porcelain bowl
4- Corner Braces (to support oven rack)
4- Mending plates (to support the backs of the appliances)
Paint brush and roller
Small Chain
4 Small Eye Hooks

Step 1

Once I had the pallets disassembled, it was time to start cutting and shaping :)  I had drawn out what I wanted to make and an idea of the size I wanted so it made it easy when it came to cutting the pieces.  The dimensions are below, and for the oven door, I cut slots on the inside of each piece using the table saw so the Plexiglas would be framed in when I glued it all together.

Kitchen Dimensions
Exterior Height of Kitchen Set
The Base: 23.5 in
To the Top: 24 in
Exterior Width of the Kitchen Set
The Base: 20 in
The Top: 21.75 in
Exterior Depth of the Kitchen Set
The Base: 16.75 in
The Top: 18 in
Inside Dimensions Of the Kitchen Set
Depth: 16 in
Width: 16 and 7/8 in
Legs 4- 23.5 in tall, 1.5 in diameter
Sides 18 in x 13.75 in
Side base 13.75 in x 2 in
Back Top 21.25 in x 3.5 in
Back 16.5 in x 17 in
Back base 17 in x 2 in
Oven door 17 and 7/8 in wide and 15 in tall
Inside dimensions 13.25 in wide x 10.5 in tall
Front (top cross piece) 17 in x 2.5 in
Front (base) 17 in x 4 in
Oven rack base 2- 16 in x 1.25 in

kichen collage

play kitchen layout














Step 2

Once I had everything laid out it was time to glue the boards together.    For each section where the boards were butted up together I lined the boards up, marked them, and drilled 3 holes into each.  When it came time to glue I put small pieces of the dowels into the holes, ran a small bead of glue down the edges and clamped the boards together until dry.  Once the were dry, I would cut to exact dimensions (for the top, sides, and bottom shelf of each).  After these pieces were all glued together they were attached to the legs using glue and dowels, as well as screwed in where I could.  I wanted it sturdy, and it turned out sturdy.

Play Kitchen 5


Step 3

Time to assemble.  On the top of the piece that is the sink, I used the bowl we had picked out (from a thrift store) and sketched around the bowl where it was to be placed and cut it out. I then took the facet we had found at Habitat For Humanity (free) and did the same. I preset the hardware on the oven door (all from Habitat) and then took it off so I could paint it all. And then I used the corner braces to set the braces for the oven rack inside the oven.

Step 4
We Loved the grey color of the play kitchen we had seen, it went well with our girls room and it’s the look we like. Using small rollers and brushes we painted the kitchen set. For the burners, I etched on cardboard how I wanted them to look, and made a stencil. Once I had the stencil I used a small sponge and dabbed the paint onto the top of the oven.

Step 5
Now it’s time to assemble :)  Place the bowl and facet in their place (I used clear silicone to seal around the bowl).

Attach the oven knobs (I drilled into the back piece and glued the knobs in.  I would have liked to had made the knobs so they could turn, but I didn’t have the right hardware to make that happen).

Attach the oven door and hardware.

Use the mending plates to attach the top pieces.

For the tension rod, I drilled small holes where the rod would sit just deep enough so it would’t fall down.

Place the oven rack in and attach the chains to the oven door and there you go!

Kitchen Collage 2











This was a fun project, and what’s great about it is it’s something our daughter loves. It’s sturdy play set and hopefully it will last long enough for her to pass down someday if she so pleases. This was also a great budget friendly project. The whole project cost us around $40 to make which is a whole lot better than what you could get at a store.  I hope you enjoyed this project on how to make a play kitchen from pallets :)

Play Kitchen Set Collage

Pallet Play Kitchen Photo































While doing this please be sure to build safely and smartly. Make sure all your surfaces are clean and level before you work on them.  This ensures everything squares up correctly.  Make sure it is all square before fastening together. Have fun trying out the project and be safe. I hope it turns out great!
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