First Kitchen Remodel

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When we purchased our first house we anticipated having to do a complete kitchen remodel. I mean, there was just so much wrong with that old kitchen. We’re talking lighting, it was closed off to rest of house, had old, gross appliances, gross cabinets, there was a header above the cabinets that when combined with the lighting lowered the ceiling a good 8 inches +/-, there were built-ins in the corner preventing space for a real table, there was blue wallpaper and linoleum flooring. It was a complete gut job. We did end up keeping the original cupboards as garage storage but I digress…

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Despite running out of money (another common thing with remodels), the end result was beautiful even though we didn’t get to put in some of the finishes we had hoped. Notice the ceiling? After Ryan ripped out the header above the cabinets and the florescent lighting he covered up the mess with beautiful beadboard and trim ceiling. Keep in mind that we remodeled this house in 2005…LONG before having a beadboard ceiling became “trendy.” He then added pocket lights in the kitchen, track lights in the dining area, and wired it all for speakers.
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Opening up the wall made the house feel so much bigger. Not to mention, gave us plenty of room to put an island in. Such a fun space to entertain. The kitchen finally made the house feel like a home.

I have to note though that a major blunder on our part though with this kitchen remodel was…the handles on the drawers. Though beautiful, the drawer in the corner couldn’t open all the way because it would hit the handle on the drawer of the sink. Major oops. Don’t make the same kitchen remodel mistake we did and make sure that you choose handles that will allow you to open EVERY drawer. Ugh.
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