How to keep paint rollers from drying out (save time and money and store for future use!)

Roller 1

One of the first things we do to any of the houses we’ve moved in to is paint. Paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make a house feel cleaner, updated, and make it feel your own. However, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve started a painting project and gotten several hours in only to realize we have to take a break for one reason or another. Sometimes those breaks end up being days or even weeks long. Not a problem though because we know how to store paint roller heads for later use saving us money and clean up time.¬†

Roller 1

The next time you need to take a painting break don’t throw your roller head away and don’t let the roller head dry up. Instead, try out the following steps:

Materials Needed:

-Large plastic Zip-Lock bag

Step 1:

Roll out excess paint onto whatever service you were painting.

Step 2:

Place roller head first into plastic zip-lock bag, let out as much air as possible, and zip it shut.


Step 3:

If you aren’t able to get the seal tight use a small piece of tape to close up the hole against the roller arm. We also wrap ours in a grocery bag just in case the zip-lock has a hole in it but this isn’t necessary.


Step 4:

Place the wrapped roller in the fridge. We haven’t had any trouble reusing the roller for up to a month afterward.


So, as you can see, time and money saved. As a side note: I never remove the arm from the roller head because it’s just too messy and there isn’t the need.


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