10 Tricks for selling your home for top dollar (without spending a fortune)

10 Tricks for Top Dollar

I have basically grown up living and breathing home sales with both my parents as realtors. Not only that but my mom should also be a professional stager and decorator, but she isn’t. However, having excellent realtors and an amazing stager in the family has come in very handy when my wife and I have gone to sell our own homes. We commanded and received the highest prices in the neighborhood and I swear it is from having great representation and amazing staging. Of course, we can’t guarantee you will get top dollar if you follow these tricks, but they can only help you in your home sale. 10 Tricks for Top Dollar 3

  1. De-clutter. If you want to sell your home for top dollar you will want to make the house look like there is lots of room and lots of storage even if you are actually busting at the seams. That may mean renting a storage unit while the house is on the market. You’re going to pack when you move anyway, why not get a jump start now? Go through each room and keep only the things you absolutely need. Try to store away at least ½ of each closet as well. Don’t forget to de-clutter your attic, garage, crawl spaces, and drawers. Trust me, buyers will look.
  1. De-personalize. Take down any personal pictures and replace them with more neutral decor. If you want top dollar when you sell your home you will want your buyers to feel like they have walked in to their new home…that is hard to do if they are surrounded by pictures of you. Same goes for collections, memorabilia, religious items, or really anything with “sentimental value” because it won’t have the same value to your potential buyers. Box it up and send it to storage.
  1. Get rid of strange smells. This is especially important if you have pets or smoke. Pet owners often don’t realize their home has a “pet smell” so ask a friend to come over and be brutally honest. You want your home to smell fresh and clean. If a potential buyer smells something funky they immediately think dollar signs for how much it will cost to get rid of it.
  1. Go for light, bright, and big. Pack up any hallway and/or kitchen rugs as they tend to make a space feel broken up and smaller—you want your house to appear as large as possible. Brightness not only opens a home up, but also provides an ambiance of cozy so for showings turn all the lights on and open all the blinds.
  1. Freshen up your paint. As I mentioned above, you want your house to look as fresh and clean as possible if you want to get top dollar when you sell your home so paint over any scuffs that may have surfaced over the years. Also, take a serious look at the paint tones you have in your home. If you have very bold colors, or lots of different colors in your home, consider painting them a more neutral, light color. If funds are limited, consider just painting the high traffic areas.
  1. Clean—even your closets and drawers. We’re talking put some serious elbow grease in. Lighting fixtures, fans, closets, garage. Add fresh flowers as they bring a pop of color, and again, a sense of coziness which shows a buyer that the house is cared for.
  1. Stage rooms as they are designed to be. If the room is meant to be an office, stage it as an office…not an office/spare room/workout room/and music room. Same with bedrooms. Bedrooms are important and you want your buyers to remember how many bedrooms there are.
  1. Timing is everything. If it can be at all helped spring, summer or early fall tends to command higher prices when selling your home. Besides, who wants to have their house on the market during the holidays and grey weather winter months?
  1. Update some of your finishes. It can be wicked expensive to update everything in your house and not very many people have the budget to do that. However, even something as simple as updating the hardware, lighting or faucets can make a big difference.10 Tricks for Top Dollar 2
  1. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Though curb appeal is last on this list it is certainly not least…in fact, it might be the most important thing on the list if you want to get top dollar when selling your home. Your buyers could drive away before even entering your house if your curb appeal is a disaster. Spend time fixing up your yard, the face of your house, your front door, and your entry.

Hopefully these 10 Tricks for selling your home for top dollar without spending a fortune will be helpful to you. In the next couple of weeks we will break each trick down further and highlight a few key helpful tips. Hope it’s helpful to you (and good luck with your home sale!)

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2 Comments on “10 Tricks for selling your home for top dollar (without spending a fortune)

  1. trying to get my house ready to sell – how do you put 47 years of stuff into a storage unit?

    • Great question! Though we don’t have 47 years of stuff my suggestion would still be the same… We always have 3 boxes. One box for garbage, one for donating, and one for packing. When you move it’s a great time to really evaluate what is important to keep, what has sentimental meaning, what is really just junk, and what other’s may appreciate having but you really don’t have a use for any longer. Good luck!

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