How to easily clean throw-up out of carpet

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How to remove throw up from carpet

Kids. Pets. Spouses. Friends. Your dirty self. Inevitably you will find yourself with throw-up on… your carpet. What do you do when you don’t have a Bissell carpet cleaner at your fingertips? No one wants red throw-up stains to remain on their carpet forever. Nor do they want the smell of throw up or carpet cleaner either. Well, I am happy to report that not only is everyone in my family feeling better but all of the red berry smoothie that ended up being upchucked on the carpet is gone. No stain! The following method was even effective 4 hours after the stain occurred because I had to wait for backup to arrive so I could run to the store to get the carpet cleaner.

How To Clean Throw-up Out Of Carpet

1. Scoop up chunks. Use a plastic spoon to scoop up any larger chunks, place everything inside a plastic garbage bag and throw away immediately.

2. Use a rag and cold water to get any remaining vomit off the carpet. Throw rag in washing machine.

3. Use Resolve Carpet Cleaner as directed on bottle.

4. Repeat if necessary. I had to repeat twice. Throw any rags in the washing machine with laundry soap and start load on sanitize mode. If left in washing machine you’ll regret it. Trust me.

5. Use Baking Soda. Shake a thick layer of Baking Soda on top of where the stain was and let set until dry. Use more than you think you will need. I used 2 boxes on the stains above. Depending on how large the stain is it may require waiting overnight for the baking soda to dry. The baking soda helps with the smell. After it was dry I didn’t smell the vomit or the Resolve (I hate the smell of Resolve as much as I hate the smell of throw-up).

6. Vacuum the baking soda and voila!

<<If you can’t stomach the scooping with a spoon part I have heard that you can reverse all of these steps starting on Step 5 and just dump a large amount of baking soda over it all and wait for it to dry. Then vacuum up, use the Resolve, and hopefully have your carpet as good as new. I haven’t tested this though because I’m afraid the stain would set.>>

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