DIY Hand Board From Wood Pallets

I thought I would take a break from the house remodel stuff today and share one of Ryan’s other DIY projects. He made this beautiful Hand Board from wood pallets. Hand Board From Wood Pallets

I kid you not. Pallets. The Hand Board is a little scuffed up right now because he just sanded it to put another coat of urethane on since it is 3 years old now but regardless, it is still beautiful. And the best part…it is entirely made of recycled materials…it didn’t cost us a thing! Hand Board From Wood Pallets

Here’s how he made this Hand Board from wood pallets…

1. He glued 4 darker pallet planks together using waterproof wood glue.
2. He then glued lighter colored pallets to the ends and put the wood grain going in the opposite direction.
3. Using a jigsaw he cut the pieces to roughly the shape he wanted.
4. Then, he did a LOT of sanding to get everything smooth and to the desired shape. Not only that but he put his signature “wave” on it with his initials and dated/stamped the back. Hand Board From Wood PalletsHand Board From Wood Pallets
5. After the shape was correct he put several coats of urethane on it with wet sanding in between each coat.
6. The rubber matting was a piece of an old paddle board foam decking that he cut, shaped, and glued in place. Hand Board From Wood Pallets
7. The velcro was from an old climbing shoe.

Hand Board From Wood Pallets
8. He used neoprene from an old wetsuit to pad the velcro.

9. And finally, he used an old shoelace as the “leash” for the board.


This is one of SO many great uses for wood pallets. The H Family also made an entire kid’s kitchen from wood pallets. And there are also over 100 creative ways to use wood pallets you could check out as well.




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