Easy Outdoor Mood Lighting

Party Lights

In our last house it was extremely important to us to have a yard space that felt like a romantic retreat…both day and night. It was especially important though, since we have 3 young boys, to have a romantic escape in the evenings that we could retreat to after they went to bed. Que the easy outdoor mood lighting.

Outdoor Lighting 2


We didn’t have a very large side yard so we made the most of the space we had. Because the side yard of our house was so small, and we enjoyed our neighbors so much, we asked them if they would like to string the lights between our houses. They agreed. We had the main control at our house, installed an automatic timer so it always shut off at our agreed upon time of 11pm and gave them a remote control to be able to turn the lighting on and off as needed. Because we connected to our houses, it took away the need to build a special structure to string the lights to. However, you could always attach to a tree, to a beam, a trellis, etc. Simply string the support wire back and forth between two structures, attach the light string to it, add the lightbulbs and voila.

Once the lights were installed we decided that it still wasn’t quite the outdoor mood lighting we were looking for. Want to know a secret? The easiest way to set a romantic mood outdoors is to put your outdoor lights on a dimmer. 
Outdoor lighting 3
Outside lighting

After we finished this easy DIY outdoor mood lighting project we finally had the exterior romantic retreat we were looking for. We finally had a place to play boardgames, drink a glass of wine, and/or entertain friends. Not only that, but it helped us sell our house for top dollar by adding curb appeal and great ambiance. Here are the links for where we purchased everything for this easy outdoor mood lighting:

C9 Commercial String Lights–100 ft black cord (does not include bulbs): Party Lights (also the Photo Credit for the first, featured photo…www.partylights.com)

Globe Lightbulbs, G50, 7W/130V, E17 Base, Clear: Lights for All Occasions (like them on Facebook to receive 5% off!)

Dimmer-Smith Victor Corp DC-1-Dimmer Variable Watt for 2-prong cords:Full Compass

GE Indoor/Outdoor 2 Device Plug-in Timer: Home Depot

Galvanized Uncoated Wire Rope Everbilt 3/16 in x 100 ft (support for the light cord): Home Depot 

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clamp and Thimble Set–Lehigh 3-piece 3/16 in: Home Depot


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