Easy Grout Cleaner

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We lived in our last house for 4 years so you can imagine it was completely disgusting when I tell you the only times I actually cleaned the grout in the floor was when we first moved in and when we moved out.¬†We have featured a lot of different Tips and Tricks for the home and I have also read about so many different techniques to try as an easy grout cleaner and this one using vinegar was by far the easiest. It’s definitely messy, so I’m not sure I would suggest doing it this way if you have a really large area to clean, but it really does make a huge difference. Not only was it easy, but you can get a visible clean without harsh chemicals. To see how to clean your floors with this easy grout cleaner check out the following link:

Making Lemonade Blog: Easy Grout Cleaner

Photo Credits: Making Lemonade Blog

VInegar Clean 2

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