How To Easily Sand Detailed Furniture

Refinished side table 5

A little while back, we were at a Restore and came across this side table.  It wasn’t much to look at then, but I could tell that it was made from real wood and the over all look of it had potential.  We picked this up for $7!  Too good of a price not to grab.  We grabbed it thinking it would be a great piece to fix up and make an easy buck off of.  But once started finishing it we liked it too much to get rid of :)
When it comes to finish work, sanding is probably my least favorite. It just takes time to get a real good surface that doesn’t have any blemishes. Flat surfaces are usually not a problem when it comes to sanding, but detailed and round surfaces can be a little tricky. Because of the detail of this table I decided to try a sanding sponge; it is something I had never tried before on furniture but because of how easily it can contour to the object I thought it was worth the try. Using the sanding sponge worked great! Using a sanding sponge to sand the finish off of the legs made it a whole lot easier to protect the shape of the legs and saved me time. Since I knew I was painting the legs I knew I didn’t need to sand all the way to bare wood. I was able to get enough of the original finish off to make painting simple.

Refinished side table 1

Refinished side table 2
Refinished side table 3
































Sanding is a key step to refinishing furniture and making it look nice, and using the sanding sponge is definitely a great method in how to easily sand detailed furniture. I was able to remove all of the original finish that I needed to get off and the paint went on great. We were very happy with how it all turned out.  There are still a few things I would like to do to the table (fill in the old holes from the original pulls and refinish the pull that is on it now), but for now it will do :)  I love finding older furniture and refinishing it making it come to life. It’s pretty amazing what you can find once you start looking around. This piece had character and didn’t we didn’t realize how pretty it really was until we removed the finish. The finish that was on the piece hid how pretty the grains of the wood really were and with a little time and not much money refinishing this furniture was really worth it :)

Refinished side table 6

Refinished side table 5

Refinished side table 4












































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