How To Easily Remove Tile

How To Easily Remove Tile

In starting new projects, demolition very well may be a part of the project.  Don’t let this part scare you off from wanting to try. It can be a little intimidating at first, I know, I don’t like breaking things that could have been saved either. But, on the other hand, in doing your own demolition you can save a lot of money. With this project I will be installing new tile, and the old must go so the new can be installed. This shower is actually in my grandparents home, they were wanting to be able to donate the old tile if it came out ok, and it did :)
So here is how it is done, it is actually very simple if you have the correct tools.
Tools needed:
Crowbar (Pry Bar)
Safety Glasses
Tools Needed

How To:
Starting at the top tile, or a tile that has a revealed edge, place the small end of the pry bar at the seam of the tile and the wall. Using your hammer hit the pry bar directly over the tile and pop the tile loose. This may take a few hits. Once the first tile is off work your way down the wall. One key note is to try not to hit directly into the wall but as much into the seam as you can. This prevents puncturing the wall and putting unnecessary holes in the wall. When done right, your shouldn’t put any holes into the sheet rock. Some paper may pull off, but that is ok. For this particular project, since it is a shower, I will be removing all the green board and replace with a concrete board (Wonder Board).

How To Easily Remove Tile 2
How To Esily Remove Tile 3
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While doing this please be sure to build safely and smartly. Make sure to use all safety equipment and make sure others in the area are wearing safety glasses as well. Put down a protective layer over the area you are working around so it isn’t damaged. Have fun trying out the project and be safe. I hope it turns out great!
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