Memories of our First Home Remodel

Home Remodel

It’s amazing how a house, turned home, can hold so much meaning…especially your first home remodel. The day our first house sold was so bitter sweet. Home Remodel

 There was some serious blood, sweat, and tears that went into that house. And yet, we were very excited to move on to our next DIY venture.Before After Trailblazer7Home RemodelBefore After Trailblazer7Raise the Height of your Bathroom Vanity  We actually used this same technique to raise the bathroom vanity in our next house too :) Home Remodel Home Remodel Home Remodel Home Remodel
Despite our excitement about moving on, there is always magic in it being the house we brought our babies home to and because of that, this home will hold a special place in our hearts forever. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I am clearly glad to be done with ($500+ winter heating bills and raking so many pine needles immediately comes to mind) But, some memories of our first home I never want to forget are…

~The scriptures we lined on the floor of our baby’s room before the carpets were put down.

~Sitting in our new recliner (the only piece of furniture in the house at the time since it was a construction zone) in what became Kadyn’s room with a bulging tummy, rocking and singing to him, explaining that daddy was working hard to make the home perfect to bring him home to.

~Having beginning stages of contractions with Kadyn while standing on a mini ladder, painting the hood above the stove.

~Continuing to have contractions in Home Depot while I was fighting for our refund on the wood floors that caused our remodel to be 6 weeks behind schedule.

~Spending countless hours in the backyard on the huge, HUGE deck watching Kadyn learn to walk…all too quickly.

~Designing my kitchen.

~Our guest room and all the wonderful people that filled it as they streamed in to meet our son.

~How we filled our “dining room” with baby equipment (swing, jumperoo, bouncy chair, highchair) until we got a dining table.

~Preparing our guest room to become a nursery because our family was going to grow by another 21 inches.

~Walking through the front door as a family of 4.

~Bathing my kids in the kitchen sink and then the first time they each moved to the actual tub.

~My beautiful mantle (my one request for that house) that Ryan made me so I could hang up stockings.

~Our HUGE Christmas trees that we hunted for to fill the entire front window.

~Our wonderful neighbors. It was so great living next door to such a wonderful family that embraced us so kindly. They were also there for us when we found out our oldest son has a severe allergy to nuts.

~Listening to baby coos, baby giggles, baby belly laughs, padded jammie feet running down the hardwood, and countless cuddles.

~Knowing the walls hold all the tiny voices of first words spoken.

~The amazing, amazing, amazing job Ryan did on remodeling.


To the new owners of Our First Home,

May you hear the laughter in the walls and feel the love of God under your feet. Take care of our little house.

On to our next DIY home remodel adventure!

~The C Family

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