Best Way to Get a Discount from Home Depot

If you’re new to our first remodel I would suggest starting there with our before pictures and a little back story.

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You know how sometimes there is a good way to get a discount and other times there is a best way? Well, stay tuned for the best way to get a discount from Home Depot. 

We were behind schedule. Waaaaay behind schedule. No surprise. Our remodel of our first home was held up in huge part to the flooring we ordered, a dark, engineered hardwood from Home Depot. What we were told would take 2 weeks to get in took almost 7. I was a furious, hugely pregnant woman. Unfortunately, Home Depot also denied that there was a holdup, assuring us it would be any day, until it was almost 5 weeks in making it impossible for us to order different flooring. When you’re at a standstill where nothing can be done until the floors are in and a deadline fast approaching of having your first baby…those extra 5 weeks are crucial.

Finally, the day before my due date, the flooring arrived. My husband got to work frantically fitting pieces into place. That evening we curled up on the couch at his folks house to watch a movie so I could put my feet up and he could rest his aching back. That’s when the contractions started. I sensed they were different from the braxton hicks I had been having for a few weeks because they wrapped around my body starting from my back and snaking forward, however I kept it to myself because they were extremely irregular. By bedtime they were about 10 minutes apart but not really painful so I figured if they were the real deal they would wake me up in the middle of the night.

I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up the next morning (my actual due date!) after a very restful night’s sleep. Dang it. False alarm. No contractions at all anymore. So, we headed back over to our house (we were staying at my mom and step-dad’s house during the remodel) to get back to work on the flooring. Once there the contractions started again. I was annoyed at this point thinking it was just false labor again. So much so that I offered to do a Home Depot run for supplies Ryan needed. I figured I would try to get some money back from Home Depot for the flooring while I was there because of the hassle they put us through.

Get Refund From Home Depot

A peak at the “after” picture with the new flooring (and mantel!)

Long story short while I was at Home Depot the contractions changed in both intensity and timing. I was in the middle of waiting for a manager to talk with about the flooring when my contractions picked up and I had to focus on breathing during each one. The manager I spoke with was beyond nice and went out of his way to not only get me out of there as quickly, and calmly as possible but also made sure we were compensated for their error. So, I left holding a sizable refund/discount. 40% back to be exact. I still drove myself back to our house, started helping do some touch up paint on the hood of our kitchen stove, and finally allowed my mom to convince me to grab some lunch, take a shower, and head in to the hospital.

A few hours and some super scary complications later we welcomed our first son into the world. All 8.2 lbs 21 3/4 inches of him.


Okay, so this discount from Home Depot may not work for you, but it’s always worth a shot and sure makes for a good story, right? :) Not to mention, it’s for this reason (the discount/refund) that we continue to shop at Home Depot instead of completely taking our loyalty over to Lowes.

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